500 followersI think there’s a lot to say for the fact that I’ve reached, finally, 500 followers here on WordPress. I don’t know what the average is or how long it generally takes to reach this point, which I almost see as a halfway spot for some illogical reason, but I’m truly grateful for the fact that this blog has been this successful. I’ve put a lot of effort into making it worthwhile and worth reading, so to see this is truly amazing.

And the truth is that it never would have been possible without each and every single one of you. So, thank you. It means a lot. I did a giveaway for this month a few weeks ago and hopefully all of you caught the link that I posted a little while ago because it’s already ended and I really hope I’m able to give back to at least some of my followers. Keep an eye out, when I can I’ll try and host another giveaway for all of you wonderful people. For now, all I’ve got are a few shoutouts.

Brittany @ Perfectly Tolerable who’s one of the few people who participated in my readalongs back when I still had time to do them and who, wonderfully, loves Pride and Prejudice (definitely more than I do, but I adore it all the same). I’m so glad to have met you!

The Orangutan Librarian who always has some of the most amazing posts and always takes the time to interact. You truly are a book blogging star.

Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books who really helped me with Edelweiss and prompted me to actually put some effort into my profile there and finally learn how to navigate the platform.

A new follower, Jeff @ Batch and Narrative, a blog that he actually co-writes with his wife, Leah, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments recently!

And some longtime followers who are also favs listed below because I realized that it’s going to take forever to go in depth with each one. I do apologize for running out of time today and not giving each of you amazing people a longer shout out.

Kayleigh @ snailycanflyy

Lindsi @ Do You Dog-Ear?

Inge @ The Belgian Reviewer

Nicole @ The Bookworm Drinketh

Aurora @ Aurora Libiralis

Elaine @ Elaine Howlin

Carrie @ Carrie’s Book Reviews

Berit @ Audio Killed the Bookmark

Sara @ The Bibliophagist

James @ This is my Truth Now

Jill @ Jill Jemmett

Steff @ The Bibliosanctum which is also run by two other book bloggers!

Mr. Pink Ink

Mary @ Sophril Reads

Laura @ LFBooks

Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews

Many of you have been with me from the beginning and I could not be more grateful the support you’ve all given Reader Fox. And so, for everyone reading this post, if you’re not already following these people please take some time to check out their blogs. Not only are the blogs all amazing, but the people behind them have been true friends in this community and are so supportive of others, they definitely deserve to get some support back.

Again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I’m looking forward to another year with you. As always, happy reading!! Also, if you’re a book blogger looking to have some reviews featured–I do still have a lot to go through, so don’t expect it to be super soon–feel free to drop the link for your blog (or maybe even a specific review?) in this Twitter thread and I’ll feature it here on mine at some point in the future! When I’ve liked your tweet, you’ve been added to the long list I’ve got and I promise I will eventually get to everyone.

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