DBB09EBF-B062-4B3C-AA8A-C83072CEE89ASo, a few days ago I got approved on Netgalley for We Are Here to Stay by Susan Kuklin, a book that features the stories of undocumenteded young adults in America right now and I honestly could not feel more ecstatic and grateful that this book exists. I’m not even finished reading the first group of immigrants’ stories and already I feel like I’ve been opened up to a vast amount of new information and empathy.

And it’s just…I can think of so many people who should benefit immensely from reading this book (my parents, unfortunately due to their ignorance, included). With the current state of our country, voices like the ones in this book need to be heard and recognized. Far too much struggle has been put on these people for no logical reasoning whatsoever.

And at this point, if it’s not on your TBR, it really should be.

Happy reading!

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