So, today is booktag day (and don’t worry, you’ll all be getting a book tag from me by the end of the day) but I had to take a break from your regularly scheduled post to gush about how adorable my little baby pupper is. You see, we took Mickey to the beach yesterday and gave him his first little introduction to the water! Admittedly, he doesn’t love the water just yet—I think it may have been a smidge too cold—but he definitely showed off his swimming skills!

img_7805While our little one only actually went far enough into the water to swim twice while we were there, he did run along the beach, play with some awesome dogs, stand in the shallower ends, and dug two mighty big holes! I have to say that I’m super duper proud of him for his big day and I think he had a lot of fun. And boy was he tired by the end of it all.

img_7806And he was so tired, in fact, that I was able to finish a book in the car on the way home! A Danger to Herself and Others was definitely one of those mind-blowingly interesting books and definitely keep an eye out for my review later, I have a lot of thoughts!

As always, happy reading!


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