Alright, so I’ve gone ahead and changed the name of this blog and changed the Logo and Header. I might change the Header back, since the title seems to get in the way of it actually working there and the pile of books photo that I took a month ago works well enough anyway. I spent a lot of time today sketching those out and while I still consider them in progress, mainly due to the fact that I’d like to color them at some point–though, admittedly, when this will be is dependent entirely on how long it takes me to get better at coloring since I don’t draw all that often anymore–but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, just updating everyone on the change and using this post as a way to show off the sketches and new name. Hopefully there wont be too much reader confusion as to where the blog “From Me To You” went. It’s still here, just under a different title. ☺️

Sketches for the Header and Logo are below, respectively.


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