mickey1.2We got Santa photos with the puppy today! Petco was doing a thing where you get to pose with your puppy with Santa and get pictures for a ten dollar donation that goes to local animal shelters and such, so naturally, my job was to make everyone in the apartment dress up and go out to get photos taken. Basically, I just needed all of the Christmas photos, especially since this is not something that I’ve been able to do on my own before. And I’ve really just sort of always had a picture in my mind for things I want to do at Christmas. With this, I’ve at least crossed one thing off the list.

mickey2.2The best thing about it is the fact that I convinced everyone not only to wear Christmas outfits but also to wear reindeer antlers. Of course, Mickey’s idea of using reindeer antlers was far different from mine as he was primarily interested in eating them. And then when I tried to get them back, it turned into his favorite game: chase. It was actually a rather eventful morning as far as everything goes and Mickey managed to steal the antlers at least three times. It was well worth waking up before twelve on a weekend, lol.

mickey3.2Heck, just getting him to sit still long enough to pose for pictures was super difficult before we left, as noted in the photo to your right. I had to take about twelve to even get one where he was looking at the camera. And then there was posing with Santa, which definitely took a bit of time and work. I don’t have the photos to share since they were sent to Jay, but they look pretty amazing and 100% worth all the effort. I’m so glad that we got together for it. It’s the first time, as an adult, that I’ve ever gone out for Santa photos and the first time as a dog mom. I’d definitely suggest doing it for your dog. It might seem silly, but it’s a lot of fun and leaves you with some great memories.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Photos and Puppy Reindeer!

  1. I’m so glad you were able to get some good pictures! Your dog is adorable! They make this attachment for your phone that holds a tennis ball on top. Its purpose is to get your dog to look at it so you can take a selfie with them looking 😂 I don’t know if it works but I want it!

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