I was going to start this off with “before anyone gets annoyed,” but I’ve realized that the title itself is definitely enough to entice annoyance out of me and therefore expect that it will have done so for many of you as well if you’re like me and hate when people decide to skip holidays for others before the holiday has even finished. In fact, I was just in Petco yesterday and noticed that they’d pulled down all of the Halloween merchandise, shockingly as Halloween has not even arrived yet, and begun putting up Christmas dog stockings.

I’ve always found it immeasurably annoying for stores to jump the gun on the holidays and start displaying Christmas items early. In fact, it seems to me that they’re displaying it earlier and earlier as I grow older. It hits October and the Christmas decorations go out in Costco. Halloween isn’t even here yet and the doggie costumes have already been removed from display in favor of encouraging a Christmas buy for your pups.

Capitalism truly is a frustrating and depressing thing.

Now, I’m a Christmas person, despite not believing in any religion (though frankly, how much does Christmas relate to a religion these days for most people?). But frankly I see no reason for the world to use it to push out or overwhelm the other holidays when it’s not even December yet. Christmas items really should only be available on December 1st. Putting them up in October not only pushes out Halloween, but it also completely ignores Thanksgiving. And while I may not personally care much about these two holidays, I don’t think it’s really reasonable to be so obsessed with the next moneymaking Holiday so early.

But back to the topic at hand. Christmas books.

34555335I’ve always loved the story of the Nutcracker. Over the years, I’ve eagerly searched out retellings of that wonderful story and happily stumbled upon a number of them over the years. From the very fascinating and wonderful Hiddenseee by Gregory MaGuire to the fabulously exciting and wonderful Winterspell by Claire Legrand. 18475593 I’ve eagerly looked for more, but these are the two that have stuck with me over the years of reading about this story. And NetGalley in itself is a wonderful thing, providing books somewhat early and allowing me the opportunity to find yet another Nutcracker retelling to disappear into.

42279745The Enchanted Sonata by Heather Dixon Wallwork is a book I only recently began reading, but it is obviously a story centered around Christmastime. And as it’s still October, it’s been especially strange to read this book and suddenly find myself feeling the emotions I typically associate with Christmas. Ironically enough, though my initial thought would have been that this book would be released around December, when I went to check it’s release date I realized that it had just been released yesterday, in October.

I can’t imagine what the publisher was thinking, truthfully. Where I, walking to work this morning, thought that it was reasonable to be reading a Christmas related book early on account of the fact that it was an advanced copy, it was amusing to realize that the book is already available and in stores. I frankly would’ve published this book in December as it seems like a much more appropriate time considering the nature of the book.

Either way, I’m still excited to be reading it, though I think I’ll have to go out and buy the new Hocus Pocus like I’ve been planning to afterward just to get back into feeling like it’s still October.

Have you stumbled across any Christmas books two months early? Let me know in the comments! Happy reading, everyone!

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  1. AHHHH CHRISTMAS BOOKS!!!!!! I’m so obsessed with Christmas, so this list is v special c: c: c: c: i sadly haven’t read any of these,, but now I want to add them all to Goodreads RIGHT AWAY <3

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