I feel like I may end up posting about this every weekend if it keeps being so adorable; I don’t know how anyone could help themselves. Mickey has found his way up into our bed again and I can’t bring myself to do anything other than read, because the second I get up the sleepy adorableness ends and the crazy energy begins (and that’s also adorable, but far more exhausting!).

Frankly, I think it’s rather impossible to do anything when he’s running around like a maniac. But when he’s just rolling over in his sleep, cuddled up between me and my boyfriend, I can read a whole book–theoretically–and realize how happy this energetic little pup has made me.

Also, he sleeps like a person and it’s just hilarious.

Anyway, I’ll likely be here like this, reading all morning. But expect a featured review from another blog later today once I’ve finally gotten up! Happy reading, everyone!

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