Okay, so I have wanted a Lunar Chronicles coloring book for ages now. Of course, something always seemed to be preventing me from buying it (namely, other books) since I know I’m a bit of a perfectionist and would likely get immensely frustrated by not being able to color it perfectly were I to ever actually buy myself one–which ultimately is why I don’t buy adult coloring books despite how enticing they are–and thus have kept my purchases to books I really want on my shelves.

IMG_0531What a fortunate happenstance that Marissa Meyer has sent out free pages for (admittedly not her coloring book) an activity book featuring color pages with each of her major heros from the three worlds she’s written. I’ve been given permission to share this one, so if you’re at all interested in printing yourself off a copy of her activity book, please visit and squee to your hearts content! (Wait, was that just me?) It’s not super extensive or anything, but hey, I was excited.

Meyer’s a true gem and has send this out to everyone on her e-mail list, so I imagine a lot of her fans already have a copy. Of course, if you love Marissa Meyer you can always sign up for her e-mail list if you haven’t. Of course I wouldn’t be able to share this with you all if I hadn’t. Obviously don’t feel any need to do so, I just thought I’d provide the link for ease of access.

Happy reading (or coloring!) everyone!

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