So, I’m not sure if this is something that will last, but I’ve decided I want to start a post series of quotes that I like from the books I’ve read. I haven’t quite decided if I want to do it on a specific day or have the posts appear every day. But I think it’s fair to say that one thing all readers can enjoy are amazing book quotes. And I look forward to sharing my favorites with all of you. It’s tentative, but this is what I’m thinking the post will look like:


At least, generally, I’m not sure if I’m going to simply post a photo of the quote or if I’m going to write about it a little first. As for now, you can all appreciate a wonderful quote from a Peter Pan retelling that I read some time ago. It’s one of those really poignant sorts, I think.

So, keep an eye out and let me know your thoughts in the comments if you like!

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