And we’re here with January, part two! YA Releases on my TBR is a post series that is going to go through ALL of the books as they’re released in 2018, but first I have some catching up to do and as such will pick up where I started with the books that were released in January of this year. Eventually, I will get through to February and March at which point, these posts will come as the release dates of the books come. And now, for the books:

IMG_0589I am actually currently reading this first one, but as it came out in January this year and I haven’t finished it yet, I’m including it on the list. Everless by Sara Holland is currently the book for Reader Fox’s March Readalong! I’m currently not so sure that it lived up to the hype it got, but I’m enjoying it enough so far and am genuinely happy to have added it to my list.

gunslingerGunslinger Girl by Lindsay Ely frankly just sounds really cool. The cover looks awesome as well, which is another great plus. I’ve never liked James Patterson and in fact had a very strong love-hate relationship with his Maximum Ride series, since it always seemed to feature terrible plots and bad writing…and the fact that he is promoting this book does make me feel a little weary about reading it, but there’s always the chance that this book could be really awesome which is why it’s found its way onto my TBR.

meet cuteMeet Cute has been on my list from the very first moment I was made aware of its upcoming release. I currently own a copy of this book and am honestly so excited to read it, even if other priorities have kept me from doing so thus far. The idea of a meet cute is basically that there’s something adorable in the way a romantic pairing meets for the very first time and I cannot even begin to express how thoroughly exciting it is to have a book dedicated to this literary technique. If this book isn’t on your TBR, I’m brazen enough to say that it definitely should be!

asyouwishThe title alone for As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti is enticing enough for me to read it. Is anyone else having The Princess Bride flashbacks? Well, if you are, be forewarned that the similarities between the wonderful story of Buttercup and Westley and this new book end there. As You Wish centers around a town where everyone living there gets exactly one wish, and they don’t always turn out as one would expect. The premise sounds pretty amazing, and even though it’s not a tribute to Westly (who still has my heart), I reckon this book might end up being a fantastic read.


forgottenI could honestly just cry at how gorgeous this book cover is. But, that’s not the only thing that’s fantastic about The Forgotten Book by Mechthild Gläser. This book is somewhat inspired by Jane Austin, which is pretty wonderful and enticing itself. But the story also focuses on the idea of a book that, if you write in it, has everything written come true. Now, even without the gorgeous cover and wonderful excitement that comes with a Jane Austin inspired novel, this book sounds pretty wonderful. I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

And that’s all for today! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for further updates.

What do you think of the books on this list? Are they on your TBR? Will you add them? Let me know in the comments!

As always, happy reading!

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