As many of you know, I have a bit of a requesting problem when it comes to books on NetGalley. As a result, I have bitten off quite a bit more than I can chew when it comes to books I have to read and review. That 80% badge I was gunning for back in December? Yeah, I’ve made that a far-away dream.

And so, as I was thinking about it, I decided that I could benefit greatly from a NetGalley TBR, something that I could sort of check off as I went along reading all these books that I’ve requested. So, that’s basically what this is. Sort of an accountability list.

Feel free to yell at me if it seems like I’m not getting through it.

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of curses and kisses


the unmapped chronicles casper tock and the everdark wings scavenge the stars ruthless gods

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3 thoughts on “A NetGalley TBR

  1. Great idea! I did up a seperate list from my main ARC one (which my NG are still on) that’s ONLY for my NG backlog. And with the Reviewathon and now also just having that seperate list, I’ve churned through heaps of them. Many I DNF because I couldn’t get into them or were no longer my kind of book (I never use the DNF feature so it doesn’t affect my %) but there were also some hidden gems in there, and it’s so nice to see the damn list go down. I think it’ll really help you!

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