I’ve fallen massively behind in posting again. This really isn’t that much of a surprise considering all the things that have been going on in my life. I had a depression episode recently. The worst, in fact, since January when I stopped using birth control. While I will admit there were extenuating outside circumstances that caused it, the end result is that I haven’t been focused enough to read, much less write out full posts.

The place where I work has been reopened and I will admit that I feel uncomfortable with that given the current COVID situation. I have several coworkers who have felt very strongly against it and since I’m in a somewhat managerial position, that has been stressful despite empathizing with them. Ultimately, I can’t make the decision to work from home or have someone else work from home, which admittedly is both a stress and a relief.

Then there’s Black Lives Matter, which I would like to write more on in-depth at a later date. My Twitter has largely become a place where I have been trying to boost black voices in recent days and become less about books. I miss the books, but calling out injustice is more important right now. It’s exhausting and depressing, I’ll admit, but I also have not lived it. I cannot imagine how exhausting and depressing it must be to have no choice but to deal with it every day of your life.

Quite frankly, until things change, this is something I feel I have to continue to speak on. It would be wrong of me not to. And since I know a lot more people will pay attention to a link than go use a search feature themselves (I have done this, too, at times), here is a quick post detailing things anyone can do to help.


I know we’re all tired. I’m tired, too. Some days, I kind of wish I could evaporate. But there’s always something we can do. And we should do a little bit every single day.

Also, keep this playing in the background whenever you can. It costs you nothing and builds ad revenue for BLM.

Anyway, I missed some book birthday posts and I’ve completely fallen behind in my Available on NetGalley series. Are these posts that you enjoy as a reader? Should I try to keep them going or move on to something else? As always, I’m continually looking for feedback here. I don’t want to put out content no one is truly interested in.

Anyway, today is my last scheduled review post. I’m planning to try and catch up but I’m not sure how fast I can get them out. We’ll see. It’s been a long year for 2020 so far and while I love this blog and I love my readers, a break might be in order soon. I’m just tired.

Thanks, everyone for sticking around. Happy reading.

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