cursedI have to admit, it can be somewhat sad to me when I have to wait until within a month of the book’s publication to post a review, something I’ve seen a few times with ARCs that I’ve read. I completely understand the reasoning behind it, of course, since publishers want the buzz surrounding a book to be most prominent within that time frame when the book will soon be available. It always leaves me feeling off, though, because waiting is not quite my forte and I tend to want to talk about the book almost immediately after finishing it.

Of course, what this really comes down to is that I recently read Cursed by Thomas Wheeler and illustrated by Frank Miller for the Disney-a-Thon that’s taking place this August. It’s one of a few books I chose specifically so I could pair it with NetGalley’s Reviewathon. And while I will be submitting my review to NetGalley for Cursed, I just wanted to let everyone know that it won’t show up here until the end of September.

Cursed is simply one of those books where the publisher has requested that I wait.

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