Over the years that I’ve had this blog and through all of the changes that I have made to it in that time frame, one thing has always remained fairly true about it: I use this blog, in some ways, to get access to advanced reader copies of books. And I feel that fact is true for many of the book bloggers out there. While it might not be my main focus anymore, it still plays an important role in why I began this blog and why I stuck with it for as long as I did.

So, I’ve decided to begin a post series that will be accessible in a link at the top of the page soon enough in order to give advice to new and old book bloggers out there who want to improve their access to ARCs (be they physical or in e-book format), improve their reach (from follower count to page views, etc.), and in general simply make your blog work for the goals you want it to. For now, I haven’t begun writing these posts just yet but I hope to have them out at some point in the future.

As it stands, I’ve listed below some of the topics that I hope to discuss in the future. I’ll be setting up a page that includes quick link access to each of the posts as I write them, though for now all of the topics do not have links. But I wanted to open it up to all of you to see what your thoughts are on the topics I’ve listed out–are they worth giving advice on, do you want to read blogging advice regarding that topic?–if there are any particular pieces of getting ARCs (physical, NetGalley, or Edelweiss) that you want more information on, and if there are other topics you’d like me to discuss regarding how to improve your blog as a whole.

While I do have these current ideas vaguely planned out in my head, I definitely want to try and touch base on other areas if there are things that you feel you could use some helpful tips on how to do. So please, do let me know if there is any aspect to blogging or getting access to ARCs that you want some tips on so I can do my best to include those in my future posts.

  • ARCs
    • A Quick Overview
  • Your Blog
    • Content
    • Frequency
    • Reviews
    • Review Policies
    • Followers/Views/Reach
    • The Role of Twitter
    • Brand
    • Review Platforms
  • NetGalley
    • The Ins and Outs
    • Your Profile
    • The 80% Badge
    • How to Increase Your Ratio Quickly
  • Edelweiss
    • The Ins and Outs
    • Your Profile
    • Publishers
  • Physical ARCs
    • Where to Find Them
    • How to Request
    • Goodreads
    • Twitter
    • Publishers
    • The Role of Ebay

These are all the current topics I have a plan to touch base on in the future, if there are any others you’d like me to discuss just leave a comment below. Thank you and happy reading!

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3 thoughts on “Book Blogger Tips Topics for the Future (ARCs, Followers, etc.)

  1. I’d love to read a number of these topics – particularly about reach and use of social media. I know I’m not all that good at it, so a few pointers in the right direction are always appreciated 😉

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