So, I’ve really made no secret of the fact that Halloween isn’t really my holiday. For one, I’m not particularly obsessed or super into it. And two, I’m fairly bad at costumes. This is perhaps somewhat ironic considering the fact that my place of work does this thing where we dress up once a week in crazy outfits to sort of have fun with the kids.

For example, the Minnie Mouse dress that I own was actually bought for Disney day at work.

But I got to thinking about the fact that books are amazing and how I’ve never actually worn a bookish costume. The closest I’ve come is when I bought those awesome book shirts from litographs, which is what I wore for favorite book day at work. Bookish costumes are really fun, though, and I know tons of people who’ve dressed up as their favorite book characters.

However, that said, I happened upon some of the best book-related costumes in my entire life the other day and simply had to share. The second I get the materials that will allow me to do this, I’m dressing up as one of these for the next favorite book day.

You have to admit, these are marvelously creative and wonderful. I even have a green dress already that I could wear to be a bookworm! I borrowed these pictures from google and the people who came up with the costumes are utterly brilliant. Can you think of any extremely creative and wonderful bookish costumes? Let me know in the comments!

Frankly, I’m a little ashamed I never thought of this considering how much I love books.

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