Honestly, I spent a rather large portion of my day today watching Youtube Videos, which by and large feels somewhat depressing to me since a) it’s not something I typically do and b) I now feel like I’ve accomplished precisely nothing today. And it’s such an interesting/funny feeling looking at it all because I find myself thinking about Booktube. And I’ll be completely frank with you all here, I don’t actually watch Booktube. A part of me would like to, but every time I pull up a video (and I do mean any video, not just Booktube) I always find myself setting the speed to 2x in order to get through it as quickly as I can. And while I’m perpetually jealous of the people who’ve made Booktube what it is, I keep coming back to the conclusion that I just don’t have the personality for it.

I can write my thoughts, no problem. But to record myself talking about them? I mean, just imagine. I can’t edit all the problems I find in myself and my thoughts out of a Youtube video as quickly as I can edit it out of a blog post. And so I guess that’s just where I’m at today. And some part of me is like…yeah, I’d love to start something where I can chat about books all day…but I’m nowhere near the level of dedicated to the point that I’d bother with lighting, perfect video recording spots, expensive cameras, and all that video editing. And I think that’s something you really need if you’re going to be a Booktuber? Right?

I don’t know. The whole thing seems like this entire world to books that I just can’t quite touch. For a variety of reasons. And yet, a part of me still wants to. I don’t imagine it happening any time soon. But that is what it is. And also, just as a side note, if you’ve got some time, go ahead and check out Alex Meyers’ video for You, you know…that creepy show based on that creepy book that was actually really good. It had some funny moments. And also…so many times I keep seeing people comment on the one thing that really sold this book and ultimately the show to me…you weirdly end up rooting for the guy, in that…I don’t really root for you but somehow the writing actually managed to make me almost root for you.

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3 thoughts on “BookTube Thoughts; Why I’m Not There Yet

  1. I don’t have booktube either. I’d like one though, but literally recording myself and the fact that I have problems talking in front of a camera and people. It’s easier for me to blog and write stuff out

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