So, I’m writing this from my phone and as I typed the word thoughts, a little thought bubble emoticon appeared. I know this is kind of a silly aside, but it leaves me wondering what would happen if I had posted this with the title Giveaways and 💭. Would people be more inclined to click on it? I admit, I probably wouldn’t make the connection to thoughts at first.

Anyhow, I was thinking about giveaways. And I was considering how they work and what people love about them. Ultimately, I know that I want to start doing them more often or at least to have more engagement with them, but in a way that people are going to be prompted to enjoy them. I used to do a thing called Sample Saturday that basically involved reading a sample of a book and writing a post explaining whether or not I would read it and why. And I wanted to get others involved. So I thought, let’s offer a giveaway!

But I’m also fairly broke and such a thing is somewhat hard to find.

Flash forward to now, I want to start something I’m hoping to refer to as Fox Tales. I’m planning to draw a logo for it and everything (an image of a fox tail poking out from a stack of books). And I wanted everyone’s input on this because I want it to be something people actually benefit from and want to engage with. So, with that said I have a few questions regarding a) what kind of posts people would like to write and b) what giveaways you like most.

What would you like to post about in order to enter a giveaway?

I’ve listed a few options below, but I’m definitely open to ideas if you have them!

  • A weekly book tag.
    • I’ll come up with a new (hopefully) book tag every week.
  • Weekly Sample Reviews
    • I choose a book and you write reviews based on reading a small sample (likely via Amazon).
  • Weekly Survey Posts
    • Survey questions about your blog or books you’re reading once a week.
  • Readalong features.
    • Somewhat similar to what I was doing before where we vote on a book to read together for a month or two and post weekly updates for.
  • Cover thoughts.
    • I already do Cover Love Fridays and so this would just be something where you could all weigh in on what you think of the cover of the week.
  • Favorite book of the month.
    • Share a post about the book you liked most that you read during the month.
  • Most anticipated read of the month.
    • Share a post about the book you’re most excited to read in the upcoming month or the book you’re most excited about getting released.
  • Guess that book posts.
    • I vaguely describe a book and you write a post guessing what it could be (this one might be a little hard, though).

Overall, I’d love to include more than one of these and each post you make will give you an extra entry for a giveaway.

What would you be most interested in having the opportunity to win?

This is also open to ideas if you have any, but my current ideas are listed below.

  • An e-book under $5 once a month.
  • A $5 -ish bookish item from Amazon or Barnes and Noble once a month.
  • A regular book between $15-25 every 2-3 months.
  • A single book box for about $40-ish every 6 months.

My general plan for Fox Tales is that it will provide my fellow bloggers with ideas to post about and offer an opportunity for you to enter a rafflecopter giveaway for each post you write and tag me in. At the end of the time frame (be it a month or more), I’ll choose 1-2 winners (depending on the item and my finances for that month) to receive a prize.

I also really, really want to utilize inlinkz the way Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl does, but I currently have minimal understanding for how she gets hers to look the way it does because when I try to do it, I’m stuck with something that clicks out to a different website and I want to have a place where everyone can input links to their own posts onto mine on their own. So if anyone knows how to do that, feedback would be very greatly appreciated!

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