mickeyI bought Mickey a Halloween Costume! I subsequently bought myself one as well to match since I’ve matched with Mickey every year since my boyfriend and I adopted him. We were Mickey and Minnie last year and this year we’re both going to be foxes (one of these years I’m going to convince Jay to join in with us)! Honestly, I’m pretty damn excited about it. Anyway, Mickey’s costume came in on Sunday–mine is supposed to come in soon and will probably be in before this post goes up since I’m scheduling it, but I just couldn’t wait to write about it–and I had him try it on immediately.

mickeyNow, granted, I definitely need to get him a sweater to match the fox hat, but I have to admit I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I just had to share with everyone. I know I posted it to Twitter and all, but really, who knows who sees what on that site. I have no idea how the algorithm works, to be honest, and I’m on here more often than there anyway–though I am trying to become more active on Twitter!

Anyway, let me know what you think of Mickey’s costume in the comments! Do you have a joint costume plan with your fur-babies? Feel free to show me pictures if so!

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