I never know if this is the sort of thing that’s common or not. I know that a lot of the people in my social circles seem to hate where they work and are always hoping for new opportunities, but I’m extremely content right where I’m at. Granted, I don’t make a lot of money, but I couldn’t imagine being happier working anywhere else? The only thing that would be better would be an editing job or to have a book published, and even then I think I’d still work for this company part time.

So, what do I do?

Well, the short version of it is that I’m a reading specialist. I work primarily with children who have something (be it ADHD, the Spectrum, Dyslexia, etc) that hinders their ability to learn. They technically don’t even need a diagnosis, though these are the kids that typically fit into one or another. These roadblocks in learning have made school hard for them, understandably, and resultingly they come to my company where I spend my days teaching and giving them tools that will help them learn how to read and comprehend what they’re reading.

Simply on the surface level, I have a lot of respect for what is done by the company I work for. After spending a lot of time working there, I cannot even begin to describe how emotional I’ve gotten. There is absolutely nothing better than hearing a child you’ve been working with for a few months thank you so excitedly because they are finally able to read a book to their younger cousin. I’ll admit it, I cried that day.

I’m bringing up my job today mainly because it’s Valentine’s Day, and I think it’s important to appreciate the things in our lives that we love. I don’t know where I would be without this job, but I can almost certainly guarantee that I would be a lot less happy working somewhere else. IMG_0586Today all the kids and teachers had a small Valentines celebration and my kids went above and beyond any expectations I had (which were only for them to enjoy themselves, really) and all got together to give the teachers their own Valentines.

Cue me crying, again, let’s be real.

I’ve gotten a few gifts from my kids over the years and I cherish all of them so much. They mean the world to me and I really hope that I’ve helped improve their lives; they’ve all definitely improved mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope yours is a great one!

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6 thoughts on “Here’s the Thing: I Love My Job

    1. It was honestly luck on my end. I found it so randomly when I was looking for a summer job during my college years and just sort of stuck with it ever since. I work for LindamoodBell and I know they hire a lot during the summer if it’s close by and reading tutorship is something you’re interested in, you could always look into it.

      I really love working with kids and helping them develop their learning skills, so it’s been super fulfilling for me.

      1. I live in Canada so I’m not sure if we have it here 🙁 Something similar though is a program that my local library has for that, only it’s volunteer. I will do it someday because it sounds fun and fulfilling 🙂

      2. Oh, yeah. I’m pretty sure the only place outside of the US that this company has centers is England. Helping kids realize their potential is really fulfilling to me, so yeah. I’ll always praise this company, to be honest.

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