There was once a time when I genuinely hated audiobooks. I don’t know if I had any real reason for it other than that I would rather have the book itself in my hands and audiobooks were annoyingly expensive. The truth about their expense hasn’t really changed all that much, though the availability has. Where once my only access was the once a month trip to the library where my grandmother lived as I was in the middle of nowhere without a good library and my parents wouldn’t bother with the money for them, a few simple clicks on an app and I have myself a new one.

Wherein my access to them has changed, so too has my level of free time. Once, it was nothing for me to spend the whole day reading. I hardly had any responsibilities and I wasn’t beholden to parenting a puppy or cleaning a house. There wasn’t really a whole lot of need for a book I could listen to because it took nothing from me to simply read it.

I always find it interesting that my interest in audiobooks began with showers. Where I had once listened to music on account of the lack of ability to multi-task while showering, my world changed when I realized I could listen to books in the shower. The amount of reading I got done increased and as I continued to get older and found more activities to combine with audiobooks (such as the dreaded laundry and dishes).

And I just love it.

Funnily enough, I feel like the iPhone has sort of ruined this for me a little bit in activities where other people are involved as I no longer have the proper headphones because the idiots removed the headphone jack. Not everyone wants to listen to my audiobooks with me, after all–a tragedy in every way, of course.

We’re all going for a hike today and I find myself just slightly disappointed because I don’t have the right headphones to listen to one today, something I feel would’ve been nice at times. But then again, I suppose I don’t need the audiobook either, lol.

When do you turn to audiobooks rather than physical? If you don’t read them while you’re doing your chores, I’d definitely suggest you start! It can be a really great way to turn the boorish moments around.

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