Bloglovin_social_media_logo-512So, in exploring around today I discovered that Boglovin’ is more than just another platform through which to, well, blog. Prior to this revelation of mine, I’d genuinely pictured Bloglovin’ as an alternative to WordPress and not actually something I could utilize without moving my entire blog over. Out of curiosity more than anything else, I caved and finally got created a Bloglovin’ account with admittedly little intention of using it all that often. As it stands, I’ve realized that I can actually attach this WordPress blog to my Bloglovin’ account and I have to admit that I’m incredibly excited about this.

Now, granted I’m still trying to figure out everything since I’ve never used it before, but I’m thoroughly excited to start using this feature and widening not only my reach but my ability to follow and support others through this website. And so this is kind of an announcement for everyone to say that if you’ve also got a Bloglovin’ account, let me know! I wanna start a bit of a follow train.

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