I just wanted to take a minute to announce, since I see this being more successful for everyone if more people are aware of it and using it, that I tried to make a Bookish Wish Database with the hope that it will allow more people to get books they’re wishing for and offer up the opportunity to do so anonymously. I have noticed in the past that there are some people who will post their Amazon wishlists and potentially have various wishes granted  by multiple people while others do not have their own wishes granted.

The database sort of came out of a desire to prevent that from happening while still allowing people the opportunity to grant wishes anonymously. And I definitely want to see more people getting wishes granted in the future. This is why the checkboxes in the Database are editable, to offer an opportunity for others to indicate that they have granted a wish and to give others who want to grant a wish the ability to focus on those who haven’t had their wishes granted. Of course, with the checkboxes editable, there is a bit of an honor system involved, because I don’t want to see anyone getting wishes granted and going back to uncheck the box next to their name as that would be quite unfair.

Now, this is a work in progress, and so if you have any suggestions for how to make it better, I would love to hear your thoughts. My hope (and suggestion) for anyone wanting to participate would be to bookmark that first link so you always have access to edit your entry to the database (e.g. what book you’re wishing for most, your contact, etc. if anything changes) and the link to the Database itself. Also, that first link is where you can enter your own bookish wish into the Database if you want to. Hopefully this will be something that works out for everyone and will in the event that we put it to use.

Happy reading, everyone! I hope some of your bookish wishes are granted. As more come in, I’m planning to try and grant at least one in the future for this year, and maybe more if my financial situation changes for the better.

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One thought on “I Tried to Make a Bookish Wish Database

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for spending the time to do this. A WHILE ago in the blogging world, we had a “Random Acts of Kindness” spreadsheet where people put wishlists, but that died out. I love that you’re trying to make this more accessible and organized!

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