I don’t usually talk about book subscription boxes, I’ll be honest.

There’s not really been a lot of need for it since I’m not big on purchasing them. I did go through a phase about a year ago where I loved the idea of a book subscription box. After a full year subscription, though, the one I was subscribed to discontinued their service. I never really looked back to get a new one.

Part of the reason is that I found myself with a number of swag items that I just…didn’t care about. So I ended up giving nearly all of them away. What was the point of all those items if I was never going to use them? What to do with the ones that just sat around looking silly? Then there’s the fact that not all services offer signed copies. Signed copies were 90% of the reason I signed up in the first place. Also, I hate bookplates.

But I digress…

Books and Foxes and Donations!

Finding Lillypost was kind of an accident. In fact, Lillypost actually found me. This is the first time I have ever accepted an affiliate offer that I didn’t actively seek out myself. It just took a few minutes on their website for me to fall completely in love.

First of all, it’s a children’s book box based on age (e.g. 0-3 subscription, 4-7 subscription, or a mixed one if you have multiple kids). Secondly, for every box they sell, they donate a book to children in need. Honestly, that alone was enough to make me fall in love with the company.

The added cherry on top is the fact that some of the book boxes come with fox stickers!

I’m probably going to get one for my nieces at some point. I’m thinking it’ll make a great Christmas gift.

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