Is unhauling books from my TBR a thing I do? Well, I’ve never done it before. This is primarily because I hate removing books from my TBR, largely due to the fact that it almost feels like giving up on them. It’s the same reason why I have such a hard time DNFing books a majority of the time. But, I’ve come to recognize that this isn’t exactly a healthy way to look at reading.

So, with much struggle, I’ve decided to start giving it a try. I now have a “lost interest” shelf on Goodreads where I’m going to be putting all the books that I was going to read and have now decided not to. It’s kind of my cop out way of unhauling, because at least this way if I ever decide I want to add something back to my TBR, I can without fearing I’ll forget about it entirely.

I think maybe I’ll also post about it? Who knows.

Do you unhaul books from your Goodreads TBR? What ways do you go about doing it? What are your reasons? Let me know in the comments! I’d really like some feedback and motivation to go forward and do it myself, lol.

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