I am so excited to announce that as we’re nearing the middle of the year I have now just completed my Goodreads challenge! Honestly, this is probably the most books I’ve ever read in a year and I think what it all comes down to is dedication, really just finding whatever time I can do get some reading done. And audiobooks have really helped a lot.


And as I’m not really the sort to increase my goal once I’ve reached it—I like to see the number be higher than my goal—but I’m really excited to see how many more books I manage to read this year. With every book added, I’ll be setting a new record!

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14 thoughts on “I’ve Reached My Goodreads Reading Goal!

  1. Omg congratulations!! ❤☀ It’s so cool that you read so many books already. Ughh due to my senior year this year I’m not able to read much. But hey, hope you read so many more books! ☀❤

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