What motivates you? What inspires you? What do you do when you’ve hit a block? Do you write every day? How do you bring yourself to write every day? What is your writing schedule?

One thing I’ve consistently noticed throughout my time as a writer is that motivation is a key factor. Having something to write about is almost equally as important, but it’s motivation that usually drags a writer down. The authors that make it, the writers who actually get published always seem to treat writing as a job. It’s something they do every single day, or at least something they work at on a schedule.

Some authors publish only one book a year. Some publish their books several years apart. Impressively there are authors out there who type out and publish two to three books a year. In my experience, the authors who manage to publish more than one lengthy book a year have been romance authors, a genre that is unfortunately not to my taste. But I do have a lot of respect for the fact that they manage to write so much.

Here’s the thing I think about, though. Writing something every day is important. You won’t necessarily write amazing things every day of your life, but what this is doing for you is developing a habit. Habits are not easy to break, though they are difficult to start on occasion.

The important thing to remember with this is that a habit of writing is something that will ultimately improve your skills. If you get an idea, write about it. If you don’t get an idea, write about your day. Journaling is such an underrated thing sometimes.

One thing I personally believe does not get enough respect in the writing communities is fanfiction, even the bad kind. It is impressive beyond belief that we have people in this world who dedicate so much of their time to writing free material for others to have readily available to read. And fanfiction is one of the most interesting ways to improve one’s writing. I’ve dabbled in it myself, in the past.

My motivator suggestion today, for all you writers out there, is that if you ever read a book and find the author has written something you have a better idea for–something you think could have been written better or you could have improved upon–I challenge you to re-write it. Write it how you wish it had been written.

I think you might be surprised at not only how fun it is, but also how much of a help it can be for you as a writer in the future.

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