I have definitely taken an incredibly long hiatus recently and though I’ve had several moments of saying that I was coming back, life has clearly made that incredibly difficult. That’s the thing, I think, when you’re in your twenties and things are changing.

I definitely miss Reader Fox and all my readers, though taking time away was definitely necessary now that I’m looking back. I’ve still got a lot of changes going on in my life, to the point that I’ve only managed to read five books this year so far! And we’re basically two months in. Last year my count was definitely far higher than that.

Basically my life has been taken over a bit by a rather huge move that also involved the purchase of a house. Hello adulting! There have also been a lot of changes at work, so with everything going on all at once it’s not really a wonder I haven’t had as much time to read.

only mostly devastatedNow, I can’t say whether I’m truly back or not at this point. What I can say is that I’m going to make an effort to post a little more often than I have. Hopefully I’ll get another review up soon!

Especially since I just finished reading Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales. And everyone, this book was so addicting. It’s a shame I ever had to put it down. Marketed as a gay adaptation of the film Grease, this book is definitely one to have on your radar.

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