Fun fact: I love Corgis.

I didn’t actually used to love Corgis. In fact, there was a time that I thought they looked incredibly silly. I didn’t quite get the appeal. And I’m not quite sure why that has changed recently, but over the past six or so months, I’ve really fallen in love with Corgis.

My Border Collie, Mickey, would surely be so offended if he found out!

Anyway, so in my newfound love of Corgis I have obviously been looking at them on the internet a lot. More recently, I stumbled upon this aspect of Corgi love that I never expected. Apparently there’s this thing about their butts?

I Was Trying to Show My Boyfriend How Cute They Are

In googling something as simple as “Corgi,” to show my boyfriend that we definitely need to own a Corgi at some point, I’m met with this gem of a photo. I swear, I spent the entire night laughing. I even saved the pic and emailed it to him in the hopes he’d find it in the morning at work and have a good laugh.

Flash forward and I’m looking for some stuff on Amazon…and what do I miraculously find?

Tidoopu Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Ergonomic 3D Mousepad Anime Corgi Dog Mousepad Gaming Mouse Mat for PC Laptops (Blue)

This is actually a thing…that you can buy.

Listen. I almost did. I think the only thing stopping me was the fact that you have to rest your wrist right on his butt. In a weird way, that was pushing it a bit for me.

My Evening

I spent my entire evening last night literally giggling at all the silly and, yes, fantastic products on Amazon alone for Corgi butts. And I was dying. This is probably one of the most entertaining, while also somehow adorable, thing I have ever found across the whole internet.

But perhaps the best Corgi butt product I have on the market right now and I want it so bad. I have never giggled more at a product than I did at this Corgi Butt USB Charger. And, ngl, I would totally buy it…if it were a more reasonable price, like $10.00. Unfortunately, this charger is about $30.00 and just…not something I can commit to. Oh, but you can bet I’ll be giggling at it for hours.

Corgi Butt Speedy USB Plug/Charger

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I included links to the products below, just in case you’re braver than I in buying something like this.

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One thought on “Corgi Giggles

  1. We have a thing for wiener’s butt too!!😄 (dachshunds- ahah)
    That charger.. ahaha definately way cuter than the mouse pad, but I agree that the price is kind of alot. Specially if you need to add the postage fees and all that.

    But oh the wonderful things you can find on the internet!

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