I organized my bookshelves today, a symptom of the fact that my work let out early today due to the fire smoke. It was a nice way to spend my evening, though it made me realize yet again how utterly disorganized and unaesthetically pleasing my shelves always are. Lately, I’ve been blaming it on my boyfriend, who often dumps his stuff on my shelves which ultimately makes them look utterly ridiculous.

Of course, now that I’ve moved and organized it–hopefully in a way that prevents him from marring it with non-book related junk–I recognize (as I always sort of knew) that I’m not really that great of making my bookshelves look fantastic. It’s always ordered based on favorites, though I’ve gained so many that there’s not even enough room for that to continue past a certain point.

I am ceaselessly amazed by the people who have the gorgeous shelves, organized in such a manner that it catches your eye and makes you immediately fall in love. It’s funny, because I’ve always wanted my own library and yet I think I would be terrible at decorating it.

Still, it was a good activity and while I definitely have too many books for the shelves I own, I’m really happy I got the chance to do this. It looks nice and being able to look at my books more regularly–I moved them from the office to the living room, where I spend more of my time–is something that makes me feel pretty fantastic.

How are your shelf organizing habits? Let me know in the comments!

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