I’ve found myself, lately, spending a lot of time reading up on the goings ons of the democratic 2020 primaries. In truth, for some reason I thought that this year would be an easy go of it and that it wouldn’t be at all stressful. After all, of course Bernie Sanders would be the nominee because there was no way the DNC would pull some of the same nonsense they did last year that basically resulted in a despicable creature as the President.

And yet…

I just can’t get past this ridiculousness where there is so much fight against having a legitimate democracy. And not to get too deeply into it, but I’m just incredibly disheartened and disappointed in what’s happening now, what has been happening, and what has occurred since before the 2016 elections.

It’s probably too early for me to feel this upset about it, but, that’s where we’re at. And honestly? The Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar nonsense is really just pissing me off. I hate the fact that I’m so sick and tired of the bull that this country’s government is pulling, how so FEW people are able to decide so much for the rest of us while barely giving us a say.

It’s wrong. And I’m sick of it.

So, while I am back to posting occasionally, this nonsense going on within the Democratic party has me a bit sidetracked lately. Sorry.

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