Guess who stayed home sick today! Yeah, it was rather unfortunate, really. I have to admit that there is just about nothing I hate more than being sick. And the biggest reason, for me, is because it makes me feel like I’m letting people down in order to be a little selfish about getting some extra rest. Granted, I was up all night last night coughing and blowing my nose and I felt awful this morning. But it still took a lot out of me to call work and ask if I could have the day off to sleep away the illness. And me, being me, still offered to come in for half the day. I suppose I’m rather lucky to have co-workers who straight up tell me to take my damn sick day. And, to be fair, I rarely call in sick. Most of the time I try my hardest to come in anyway.

But there was a bit of a perk to calling in sick today and it’s that I got to lay in bed, get some rest, and binge watch an entire season of a pretty good show on Netflix. Show of hands, who here has seen Roswell New Mexico, the reboot of the old television program about aliens who crash-landed on Earth and woke up in incubation pods years later? Cause I just watched it and I was not expecting to fall this much in love with it.

roswell new mexico

As an avid fan of the original, there was really no question that once I was made aware of this show, I’d end up watching it. The original Roswell is one of those shows that really just grabbed hold of me and refused to let go. And admittedly, as a result, I did go into Roswell New Mexico expecting it to be meh in comparison. But the truth is that it was absolutely fantastic, brilliant in a way I genuinely did not expect it to be at all. And yes, I’ll be honest and say that I don’t really like this rendition’s version of Isobel (Heigl did it better, in my opinion), it took me a while to fall in love with this one’s Michael (whom I loved in the first show and probably adore even more in this one now that I’ve gotten to know him), and Max has a bit too much of an anger problem at times for me (also, random, but what’s up with all the yelling when he uses his powers?) but all in all I really enjoyed myself.

roswellThe show is not the same and I don’t think anyone watching it should come in expecting it to be. To begin, the characters aren’t teenagers in this version. The plot regarding Liz’ sister definitely takes on more importance and there are definitely some more adult topics brought into discussion. And, wonderfully, the characters are not all straight and white. Granted, we do only get one gay character and one bisexual character but I was excited about it. Also, there’s no Tess character (so far) in this one, thank the skies! I hated her so much.

I think the most amazing and important change within this reboot is the way the whitewashing–it’s true, let’s face it–of the original is removed. Liz and her family are undocumented immigrants roswell new mexico(though I think Liz might be a citizen as a result of having been born in America; unfortunately it’s not made clear other than when she asks her father to try for citizenship) from Mexico, which is honestly an incredibly important bit of representation to be having on television in this day and age, especially now that we’ve got a racist in office. It honestly blew my mind a bit when the trash that got voted in was referenced via his stupid wall. And I did laugh a little, despite the fact that it regularly makes me want to cry. Maria DeLuca is also a person of color, though the three main aliens are all white. Still, the fact that issues of race and ICE are brought up somewhat regularly on the show made me feel pretty amazed by it.

As for how it manages to do justice to the original, I think this new show has really nailed it. Kyle Valenti and Alex Manes were very different, but not in a way that I had any issue with. If you’re a fan of the old show or if you’re just into sci-fi romance, I would one hundred percent consider giving this show a watch. And honestly, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on how everything was handled. And I would especially love to hear from those who are closer to situations with racism and ICE to let me know what they think. Unfortunately, since I am white, I do recognize that my initial opinion of the show might be lacking.

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