I wont pretend to be an expert on this sort of thing. I’ve never been in publishing and I admittedly haven’t learned nearly as much as I would like to about the whole process, but I do know that if people aren’t aware of a book, chances are it’s not going to sell very well.

I’ve actually not read the book series that Sightwitch is a part of, but I’ve had Truthwitch on my to-read list for a while now. It’s one of those books that I just haven’t gotten to yet. But I have to say that the covers look pretty awesome and now that it’s fallen under my radar again, I’m probably going to try and find myself a copy of the first book soon.

IMG_0552With that all said, Sightwitch has come into some problems regarding the publication date and as a result is going to come out three weeks later than anticipated in order to ensure that the finished product is the absolute best it can be (which is well worth the extra three week wait, in my opinion). The new release date for Sightwitch is February 13th of this year! Unfortunately, it appears this has caused some issues where marketing is concerned and as such I just wanted to give the book a little shout out here to give the author a helping hand.

To read more about the publication blip, visit Dennard’s site here. Read the book’s description on Goodreads. And if it seems like a book you’d be interested in reading, you can even enter a giveaway hosted by Dennard herself if you help spread the word about the upcoming publication.


Writing means a lot to me and ultimately I hope to support authors in any way I can, so hopefully this little bit I can offer helps.

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