I haven’t read a book written from the POV of an animal in years. I think the last time was a Hank the Cowdog book that I was reading to my little brother when he was about six or seven. It sort of takes me back to the days I used to spend reading Erin Hunter’s Warriors series, a tale about a young kitten who becomes part of a large clan of strays. IMG_0596And that’s basically barely scratching the surface, but it’s what the books I’m going to talk about remind me of. Over the years I’ve developed a habit of buying any book I find that has a fox on the cover, understandably so due to my love for the beautiful creatures. This case is no different.

Written by Inbali Iserles, the Foxcraft series focuses on the journey’s of a young fox called Isla. Of course, there’s no questioning that I’m highly likely to read these particular books singularly based on the fact that foxes are the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing animals I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. I saw these covers and I fell immediately in love. IMG_0597And let’s be honest, here, how could I not? These covers are just absolutely gorgeous! I think, hands down, I love the first cover the most. There’s just something beautifully striking about the way the red/orange of the fox pops out from the blue of the city. It kind of takes my breath away.

Now, I haven’t read them yet, but I”m hoping to get my hands on a few copies sometime soon (also known as when I get paid and have ensured all my bills are taken care of or I can convince a family member to buy me a gift). E-book copies are kind of out of the question for books as beautiful as these ones. IMG_0598I simply must have them up on my shelf. 😍

As for the book itself, the premise sounds intriguing enough. I imagine the books would be the sort that I just would have been obssessed with when I was a kid since they don’t exactly strike me as YA or adult books, but I’m definitely super excited to find out!

Has anyone read them? What did you think?

Happy reading, everyone!

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