34242.jpgSo, I decided to open a store! Kind of, anyway. And it’s partially because I think it will be really cool and partially because I’m broke–though, in hindsight, I imagine that I will end up spending more money here than anyone else will–and I someday want to be able to fully fund The Passalong Pages project that I still haven’t gotten started despite having said I would.

33765.jpgAnyway, it’s kind of just a shout into the void at the moment, 100% a WIP. And I definitely need to look at how to make it look less weird because it’s definitely not optimized the way it should be. However, I’ve partnered with a supplier who is going to put the Reader Fox logo on a whole bunch of items (that I may or may not buy for myself) available for anyone to purchase!

45129.jpgThey, ultimately, control the shipping on that though, unfortunately. I do plan to look into other options in the future as well as ways to provide these products at a cheaper price, but for now I’m really excited to roll them out. And I’m even looking to create new designs for it all as well!

So, if you’re curious at all please feel free to check it out. And really, thanks for just sticking around and reading.

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