So, here’s something new that I’m honestly quite surprised I’ve never actually come across before, but Archenemies by Marissa Meyer just came out recently and I’ve found myself tempted to simply read it without rereading Renegades. And through sheer coincidence, reading a sequel to a book without having read the first book recently, especially if that means rereading it, is just something I have never done.

But, even to my own dismay, I just don’t feel like rereading Renegades. If I’m being completely truthful, I didn’t buy Archenemies because I loved the series or the characters. In fact, I was actually rather disappointed with the first book, so much so that it was actually really sad for me. You see, I love Marissa Meyer’s other books so much that she has simply become one of those authors that I just buy automatically the very moment I find out she has a new book.

Out of all her books, Renegades is the first one that I rated below a five. It was the first one I didn’t love. And I guess I’m hoping for better with its sequel, but at the same time I simply have no desire to reread the first book. But this isn’t something I’ve ever done when reading a sequel before because it just seems to make sense that you would need to re-enter the whole world when you pick up the newest one in the series.

Anyway, I’m conflicted. And it got me wondering, do a lot of people do this or do they simply jump right into reading the newest one?

Do you feel like you have to reread the first book (and subsequent sequels if there are any) before reading the most recently published one when it comes out? Do you just prefer to do it that way? Do you jump into reading the newest release the moment it’s in your hands? Let me know in the comments! I’m really curious.

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4 thoughts on “To Reread or to Not Reread?

  1. I usually try to read books in series back to back (if they’re released already) but if it’s been awhile between books sometimes I reread the last book, especially if it’s something that I really loved. Generally though I have a pretty good memory when it comes to the books I’ve read so I don’t have to reread too often.

  2. I usually don’t re-read the previous book, if I don’t remember I just skim read it (literally skim!!!) and read the last few chapters properly. To be honest, it all depends on the book, if I liked the previous one, when the previous one came out etc

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