It’s Monday, which basically just means that it’s the one time a week I’ve dedicated to chatting about things we watch instead of things that we read. IMG_0632Today is, I believe, the first time I’ve actually discussed a show on this blog, so that’s exciting at least. Up for discussion today is the television show Gotham centered around the city itself and Jim Gordon’s early days as a cop trying to make the world a better place and Bruce Wayne as a young man prior to his Batman days. It’s a pretty fantastic show, so if you haven’t had the chance to watch it, I’d definitely suggest scooting over to Netflix and binging the first three seasons.

I’m going to leave a small warning here to admit that a fair amount of what I’m going to be discussing below is somewhat of a spoiler, though don’t worry, I will not be spoiling anything significant about the most recent episode.

I’ve really enjoyed Gotham. It’s one of the few shows that I watch with my boyfriend because he happens to really love the show and so we have a pretty awesome ritual for it. We’ve had numerous discussions and even made a bet once regarding whether or not the Riddler and the Penguin would have a romantic relationship. It’s the first prediction I haven’t won in a while, so I guess he was a bit more perceptive of his favorite character (Penguin) than I was, though I was correct about the Riddler where he was not.

IMG_0633I think it’s safe to say the Riddler is my all time favorite character on the show, and he is once again back in the new episode alongside many of our most beloved characters, though much to my boyfriend’s dismay, there was no Penguin around this week. I’m sure he’ll be back, though.

Ultimately, the one thing I wanted to address in my comments today is the identity of the Joker. Show of hands, who is monumentally pissed that the Joker is not Jerome? Cause I am. I cannot imagine a worse path for the show to take at the moment, and while I’m open to assessing whomever they choose to replace him, I think the Gotham writers are making a terrible and horrific mistake.

First of all, they spent a large amount of time building up Cameron Monaghan in the show, regularly pitting him in the direction of becoming the well loved character. IMG_0634Literally everything about him screams Joker and I genuinely believe, even though the show’s creators regularly state that he is not, that Monaghan has given the world the best Joker performance of all time. And they are truly throwing away and discrediting everything by replacing him.

Now, Gotham has an annoying habit of replacing one other character’s actress, that being Poison Ivy. I personally haven’t been all that bothered by it, namely because I didn’t like any of the actresses who played Ivy in the end. I’m still unimpressed with them all, the newest one included. But whether or not such actions have been a benefit…that does not shine the replacement for Jerome’s character in a good light.

Do the show makers truly not understand how much Monaghan is going to outshine whomever they replace him with? I just can’t imagine anyone ever managing to do a better job than he has with this character, at least not in the case of this show. It’s been done, built up immeasurably, and I have a hard time believing that they can create anything that will live up to Jerome’s rendition in Gotham. At the end of the day, he is the Joker for this show and to replace him is something I see as a grave mistake.

Now, perhaps I’ll be proved wrong…but at this point, considering what a fantastic job Monaghan has done, I really doubt it.

Happy reading everyone! Enjoy your Monday!

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