love simon2I, ironically, didn’t finish reading the book for this before I went out and saw the movie and here’s why: I just wasn’t overly fond of the book. The beginning didn’t really pull me in and ultimately I never felt attached to the point that I needed to finish it. In addition to this, I didn’t want the book influencing how I felt about the film. I do intend to finish Simon vs. the Homo Sapien’s Agenda at some point, but I’m glad that I didn’t read it beforehand.

love simonAs for the movie, I have to say that it was pretty amazing. I’ve honestly been a huge fan of Nick Robinson for a long while now and I think he did a phenomenal job with his portrayal of Simon. All in all, I have to say that the acting was pretty fantastic. I don’t have, really, many complaints about this movie. I think it’s great for the representation and the diversity. I was rather impressed with the acting and the story overall. I was even surprised when I learned who Blue was, which isn’t something that happens often as I’m usually pretty good at figuring those sort of things out.

And the drama teacher is my absolute favorite person ever.

The only major critique I think that this movie really earns is the fact that it’s not very representative of a lot of teens in America in the sense that a) not everyone lives in such a strong liberal area where the teachers are going to make bullies apologize for such behavior and b) most kids are not going to be as well off as Simon very clearly was. Now, this is something I see in a lot of films, so it’s not really a huge critique of Love, Simon itself but rather a commentary about Hollywood as a whole. And I don’t think a lot of people actively notice these aspects when watching movies and certainly not when making them.

But when it was mentioned to me by my boyfriend, I couldn’t help thinking about it a lot. The expensive laptop, the huge house, the extremely nice neighborhood, and the very liberal and understanding teachers…I’m not so sure that it’s very truthful. And I think it’s a fair critique, really. So, it’s something I’ve been ruminating over it ever since. I think there is a massive amount of good that comes from the fantastic movie Love, Simon. I personally expect that I will believe it is much better than the book, though we’ll see if that changes once I’ve finished it.

And I think, hopefully, someday someone will address the other issues that come with living in this country and the every day things that students who come out have to go through, especially in conservative areas. And it’s not because I think that everyone doesn’t deserve a lighthearted romantic love story because they all do and Love, Simon is fantastic both for that and merely as a story itself, but rather that I don’t want to forget that there are still places where not everyone has the amazing teachers, family, and friends that Simon did. I don’t think this movie needed those themes, but I can recognize where it’s certainly something that this country, unfortunately, doesn’t let everyone experience.

All in all, I loved the movie and I’m so glad it was made.

Happy reading, everyone!

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