• You will pass the book along to someone else who agrees to pass it along after they have finished reading.

This can be someone you know personally, but I’d really appreciate it if we always try to eventually come back to someone in the online book community (as a side note, if anyone has trouble with shipping costs please reach out and I will do my best to help, though if you are entering into this the assumption would be that you will be able to cover some shipping). I would like to have these books potentially travel internationally as well, so if that’s something you’re looking into but you’re not sure if you can afford it, please contact me. I’m not made of money, but I really want these books to go far and so I will try to assist with this as much as I’m able.

  • If you are looking to receive a book, you should be willing to have some form of contact available (e.g. e-mail or twitter handle) to participants via the project page or kept privately and able to be given upon request to whomever is passing the book along so that they can contact you for your mailing address when the time comes (of course you may change your mind and opt out at any time).

Basically, think of this as a list of people you can pass the book along to. It will be posted on the Passalong Pages Project’s Future Readers page. If you currently have a book, you’ll be looking to this for someone who wants to receive it. If you don’t have a book, this list is so others can pass books to you.

Examples for contact info:
Steff – @SPasciuti_  (Twitter DM)
Steff –
Steff – Anonymous, contact Steff for more details.

  • You will leave something in the book, whether it is some sort of bookmark, a commentary in the margins, an inscription, your signed name, or anything else you can think of.

Take a picture of the above and submit it to me so everyone can see what we’ve added to the books! You can submit just the photo, a blog post, or even a social media post. I’ll feature it on Passalong Pages to keep everyone updated!

  • You will leave a brief review of the book (unless you decided to DNF and don’t believe in reviewing books you’ve not completed) that is at least 50 words. I will also feature any reviews submitted to me here on my blog.

Passalong Pages is partially focused on increasing reviews. You don’t have to put too much effort into it, but just a few words about your feelings on the book mean a lot to the author and a lot to this project.

  • And finally, I know we all read and review at our own pace, but if you’re participating in this I would like you to at least try to set a goal to have the book for no longer than two months. I would really love if we were able to pass these books along to a good number of people throughout the course of the next year.

And this ties into my final goal for Passalong Pages. I’d like you to update me if you’re comfortable with it, at least vaguely (e.g. by state/part of the country [north, south, etc.]), where the book has traveled to. You can do that here. Part of the point of this project is to show how far we can get a book to travel and how many people it can reach. At the end of each year, I plan to create a map with pins on all the places the book has been in.

It won’t be super specific to your location nor will names be included as I do want to maintain that privacy (so for example if you received a book and you live in California there will just be a pin somewhere on California), but I think it’d be really amazing to show a map of how far a book has traveled.