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  1. I totally agree. I just finished it yesterday and it felt like it was a bit of a mess. There was so much that could have been explored with addiction and social media and the whole endorphin rush and pressure that comes with popularity, especially as a teen. It feels like a missed opportunity.

  2. This was a wonderful tip! It had never struck me to have a DNF shelf, and I didn’t even know what “exclusive” meant. Thanks, this was gold.

  3. Because I like reading so much, I often forget that some people don’t like to read all that much. Then one of my friends said that sitting down with a whole book for hours made her too impatient and restless. I wonder if I can get her this one, though can’t say that title is very inviting. 🙁

  4. I can’t speak for everyone experiences I can only speak from what my experiences has been. But I don’t think you can grit done while you’re depressed. I have been dealing with depression for a while now and it’s kind of hard to concentrate. You just start thinking about others things but what’s going on in front of you.

  5. “I can’t really listen to anything on less than x1.5 speed nowadays and often even upgrade to x2.0 or x2.5” — I wonder why that never occurred to me before! I’ve been facing the same problems, getting impatient with audiobooks and switching to ebook midway instead. *groans* This is a really cool tip, thanks. And good to know, the audiobook version for Lore also works well — may give it a try in that format.

  6. Thanks so much for your in-depth review of Unicorn Island! I appreciate your time to read and review. The next book, Secret Beneath the Sand, comes out this May on the digital Epic! platform in a 5-part serial and then the hardcover compilation next winter 2022. The illustrator did indeed do an amazing job to bring the story to life with atmospheric imagery!

  7. Hmm, that’s too bad. I have heard so many good things about the series but had not picked it up, thinking it was too YA-ish. Your review gave me additional things to consider.

  8. I admit I’ve never heard of Poston before. But since you like Meyer (and so do I) and since you love foxes (and so do I), you’ve persuaded me to try this one out. Also don’t think I’ve come across retellings of Sleeping Beauty much — except McKinley’s Spindle’s End?

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