wendyNow, ordinarily I would use today to post an update for the April Readalong, but seeing as this readalong began on Sunday, I’ve decided to switch the days around a little bit. Fortunately, today is still Top Ten Tuesday, so I’ll have that post up sometime soon. For the month of April, Readalong Quarterly Updates will be posted on Thursdays instead to give everyone time to start the book.

Don’t forget to sign up for the readalong if you haven’t already! Check out the timeline as well, but remember it’s only a guide. You can join the Readalong at any time during the month and remember, signing up guarantees you three entries in the giveaway that will be held on April 17th.

If you include your blog/social media information, I’ll definitely be sure to follow you back! For anyone who’s signed up already, I hope you’re enjoying The Wendy so far! Happy reading, everyone!

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