I’m sure some of you are probably wondering about this and I do want to apologize profusely for the fact that I wasn’t able to keep this going as a result of my work life taking over, however I do still intend to do a giveaway for the last readalong. As of right now, I really don’t know what the future is going to look like for the readalongs, but I hope at some point that I’ll be able to pick it up again.

So, just keep an eye out since I am obviously still quite busy, but when I do finally get a chance, I will be giving away a copy of Children of Blood and Bone as well as working in the updates that I was meant to for the last readalong. This might end up being something I keep up during the school year and stop during the summer since my work hours are vastly different, but we’ll see.

Thanks for all your patience, you guys! <3

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Readalong Update

  1. Summers are supposed to be chill times, but like you, i also noticed i have less time for stuff lately…
    Happy reading anyway! 😃

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