img_1272Moving forward through this month’s Disney-a-Thon to announce that I’ve completed the second prompt her challenge for Team Aladdin! I’m actually pretty proud of myself, since this was a book I began and finished all within the span of today. And now I’m two down, with only three more to go before I can move onto the other maps for more points! Which, frankly, is really exciting because I have to admit I was somewhat more intrigued by some of the other teams’ group books. Then again, I’ve already read Spin the Dawn and don’t know if I really want to do so again… 

Anyway, hopefully none of you are forgetting to update the progress tracker if you’re participating, where you can submit your books for the points. (Where the points do or don’t matter? Okay, so maybe that joke is getting a bit old?)

And I’m still working in tandem with the NetGalley reviewathon challenge, which is why my review for The Orchid Throne is already up, which is kind of impressive in my opinion? As for this one, I’m two down and three to go (before I figure out my TBR for the other teams’ prompts).

And just in case anyone wanted to know my TBR and didn’t read the last post or is looking for a reminder, here it is (with the first two completed!):

the orchid throne

the best friend problem


my best friend runs venus

the last magician

How is your readathon going so far? Which prompts or books have you finished? What team are you on? I hope you’re finding success with completing your TBRs! Anyway, feel free to drop a line in the comments! Good luck and happy reading!

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