D9MjH-iWsAAAg1x (1)So, I’ll be honest…I have no idea if I’m actually going to commit to this, but I know that the sign up (-ish) and the TBR had to be set up prior to the readathon happening on August 1st, so here I am. In true fashion for me of late, I’m a tad bit later than I should have been posting this. It’s July 31st still for me, though I know for some others it might already be August 1st. But, seeing as I live in California I’m going to go ahead and take it that I can still sign up and put up my set TBR.

Anyway, the Disney-a-Thon “readathon” involves choosing one of the four teams; Tangled, Aladdin, Lion King, or Mulan. While I was quite tempted by Tangled, I think it’s really no surprise that I chose Aladdin instead. After all, it is one of my all-time favorites. If you’re looking for more information regarding this readathon, you can find that here.

As for my TBR, I’m going to be mixing it up with the NetGalley reviewathon and focusing on ARCs I still need to read. So, without further ado, here they are:

the orchid throne

the best friend problem


my best friend runs venus

the last magician

That’s it! Thanks for dropping by, check out the readathon if it sounds like something you’d want to be part of, and good luck if you’re participating. Also, a final thought here: I have no idea what the points are for. Do they not matter? Is everything made up? Does anyone get that reference?

Happy reading!

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