D9MjH-iWsAAAg1x (1)So, the Disney-a-Thon has begun and one day into it I’ve only just started my first book and not gotten super far–truth be told, I haven’t had time what with work and all–but I’m excited since I’m mixing it with NetGalley’s Reviewathon! It’ll be great to tackle two challenges from August all at once, especially since a friend of mine recently clued me in to the fact that there are a lot of readathons happening in the month of August. I’ll just be happy if I can complete the two -thons mentioned above.

In my last post about this readathon, I linked to the main Twitter post for you all to check out. Of course, the point system was confusing to me. Honestly, it’s still a little bit confusing since I still haven’t figured out if the points matter. However, there is something that makes me suspect this could be where the points might matter (I’m realizing that I really miss watching Who’s Line) because the Disney-a-Thon has a Progress Tracker!

Since it took me some time to find it, I figured I would drop it here for anyone who joined after seeing me post about it for easier access. As always, happy reading to you all! Also, shout out to all you Team Aladdin people out there for being awesome and choosing the best movie team!

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