ravenclawAnother month, another readathon! Beginning tomorrow, September 1st, I’m partaking in House Battles! Now, I would definitely prefer to be supporting my favorite house, Gryffindor, but the truth is that I’m definitely more of a Ravenclaw. And I also didn’t want to read Gryffindor’s group book. What’s really cool about that is I ended up being the 100th Ravenclaw sign up!

Each house has a group book and earns points by the number of pages they read during the month. Every page is equal to 1 point. You can also earn points for completing the class challenges, equating to 50 points per challenge. Additionally, there will be special challenges each week worth 150 points.

If you are interested in signing up, as of right now the current numbers for the house teams are as follows:

Gryffindor – 37
Ravenclaw – 100
Hufflepuff – 80
Slytherin – 63

I had a TBR for the last readathon I did, which I really enjoyed being able to cross off as I went in my update posts, so I’m going to be keeping up that process with House Battles. Good luck if you decide to join (also Gryffindor could definitely use some more teammates)!

Group Book
house of salt and sorrows

Astronomy; A Book Only Read at Night

Charms; A Book that’s New to You

Defense Against the Dark Arts; A Book You Put Down
revenge of the red club

Flying; A Highly Anticipated Book
wicked saints

Herbology; A Book that Means a Lot to You

History of Magic; A Book from a Different Generation
a wrinkle in time

Potions; A Genre You Don’t Usually Pick Up
twice in a blue moon

Transfiguration; The Last Book You Bought
sea witch

Arithmancy; A Book with a Number in the Title
100 days of sunlight

Care of Magical Creatures; A Book with an Animal on the Cover
under the cottonwood tree

Divination; A Book You Predict Will Be 5 Stars
realm of knights

Muggle Studies; A Hyped Book

Ancient Runes; A Classic
the princess and curdie

Alchemy; A Recommended Book
call it what you want

Apparation; Only Read this Book in Public
the forbidden harbor

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