ravenclawTime for another House Battles readathon update! Honestly, I don’t know what’s up with the point system. It keeps changing based on people checking and unchecking the inactive participants and I’m not really sure which is supposed to be the official one. Regardless, I don’t think it’s really changed the points that much since, as usual, Gryffindor is in the lead with Hufflepuff in second while Ravencalw and Slytherin vie for third.

Current (averaged) points (as of 12 PM Pacific time) are:

Gryffindor – 1497.764706
Ravenclaw – 1167.710526
Hufflepuff – 1267.652778
Slytherin – 1096.62

Don’t forget your weekly challenge if you’re participating! It’s worth 150 points and is therefore really important!

Group Book
house of salt and sorrows

Astronomy; A Book Only Read at Night

Charms; A Book that’s New to You

Defense Against the Dark Arts; A Book You Put Down
revenge of the red club

Flying; A Highly Anticipated Book
wicked saints

Herbology; A Book that Means a Lot to You

History of Magic; A Book from a Different Generation
the rest of the story

Potions; A Genre You Don’t Usually Pick Up
twice in a blue moon

Transfiguration; The Last Book You Bought
sea witch

Arithmancy; A Book with a Number in the Title
100 days of sunlight

Care of Magical Creatures; A Book with an Animal on the Cover
under the cottonwood tree

Divination; A Book You Predict Will Be 5 Stars
realm of knights

Muggle Studies; A Hyped Book

Ancient Runes; A Classic
the princess and curdie

Alchemy; A Recommended Book
call it what you want

Apparation; Only Read this Book in Public
the forbidden harbor

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One thought on “House Battles Readathon; Day 8!

  1. The point system has been driving me a little crazy. It makes more sense for inactive participants to not bring the overall team rating down but people keep messing with it. Either way Slytherin is losing…

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