There are so many of my favorite books being made into movies these days (though admittedly far less than I’d like 😛) that it’s really hard to pin down one for this post. I think, ultimately I chose The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas mainly because I’ve always really loved both img_6779versions. I was a fan of the movie first from a young age and read the book a few years later. I actually went out of my way to get an unabridged copy and I’m honestly so glad that the story found its way to me. Admittedly, I love the ending for the movie a bit more, but there are so many extra stories and details that the movie couldn’t possibly have covered and it was truly fascinating to read all those perspectives.

The unabridged version is over a thousand pages, but I definitely think it was worth reading. And almost more beautiful is the fact that I’ve also read The Black Count by Tom Reiss which recounts the history behind the story itself and where Dumas got his inspiration. It’s truly enlightening and amazing to read about the real life person the main character was originally inspired by.

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      1. Oh, me too! In this case for me it’s more that the book is just so dense and I prefer the movie ending. XD Most of the time I read the book first, so this one is a rarity for me.

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