So this is my first year really delving into reading challenges. It’s been pretty rewarding thus far and I had decided the best course was to only try out one this year and for that reason I immediately found one that looked fun and joined.

As I was searching for books that fit the criteria for the challenge, I always ended up turning to my to-read shelf first, scoring through the 2000+ books that have found their way into that list since 2012. I’ve wanted to demolish that number for a long time now, but I always end up distracted by another book at some point.

That’s probably why I nearly did a happy dance when I first saw this challenge. A reading goal that a bunch of people are making dedicated solely to knocking books off your to-read shelf? 🤩 Sign me up!

I’ve not really decided on a goal yet, though when I do I’ll come back and edit it in here (it’d be nice to cut my to-read shelf in half! 😂). I think, perhaps, I’ll also include books I’ve finished for the challenge in the comments on this post as well. I can’t wait!

Read more about Beat the Backlist here!ading Goal: -to be set-

6 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist!

  1. It’s my first year doing the challenge too. I’m a Dewey Dragon. I had an idea that doing a read a long might be good motivation to. I did a 40 book challenge last yr but it didn’t work for me. This one I will do!

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