a is for another rabbitBy all accounts, A is for Another Rabbit by Hannah Batsel should have been an outrageously hilarious children’s book about crazy rabbits taking over owl’s alphabet. In a way, this book does sort of follow that theme. Unfortunately, it is not anything I would call hilarious and I do genuinely think that anyone reading it would have to work somewhat hard to have their children laughing.

My main reason for seeing this book as not-so-great is the fact that there are far too many words peppered throughout that a young child simply would not recognize or understand. Add in the fact that it bungles the purpose of an alphabet book by not clearly addressing each and every letter and this book was honestly kind of disappointing.

The artwork, however, was absolutely adorable. The rabbits that filled the pages were cute and funny at times, leaving me rather pleased with at least the look of the story. Owl was perfect as a character and the general idea behind the book was brilliant. It’s just unfortunate that its execution was lacking.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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