5711714Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund is by no means one of the best books I’ve ever read. In fact, it does become somewhat forgettable after you’ve read it and moved on to other books. That aside, the world and story Osterlund guides her readers through is thoroughly captivating. This is the sort of book that engages its readers for an extended period of time. You consistently want to know what happens next or to learn more about the characters, specifically the two main ones, Dane and Aerin.

In a world where citizens of various planets have come together to form The Alliance, a governing system in which the politics are vastly explored, all teenagers take an entrance exam in order to determine which school they will be going to. Only the top 50 scorers are granted admission into Academy 7 and even less remain there after the first year. The bulk of this story takes place at the Academy, where the students interact in various classes and showcase their abilities in areas such as debate (regarding the fascinating politics of the planetary system), combat, and science (which includes majorly the technology Osterlund has provided this world with).

The main characters, Aerin and Dane come from two very different worlds, their early life experiences shaping them in ways that eventually bring them together. Aerin has lived much of her life with a vast array of difficulties culminating in living her life after her father’s death on a rather poor planet ridden with illegal activities, such as the slave trade. Dane, on the other hand, was raised in luxury, but even that has not promised him a pleasant life. Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats to learn the details of the secrets these two characters keep about their lives.

One of the most impressive things about Osterlund’s Academy 7 is the true depth you’ll find in both her characters and the relationship they eventually build together. I genuinely felt myself loving these characters and grew incredibly attached to their plights. It’s certainly a book worth reading.

Of course, as I said, it’s not the best book in the world. Upon finishing it, I immediately wanted to read the sequel, which unfortunately has yet to have been written as Osterlund focuses on finishing her other, less interesting, series. But, at the same time, the ending felt rushed and perhaps revealed a bit more than it should have to the characters about the secret that connects them. The ultimate plot does feel a bit anti-climactic and overdone, and while I look forward to how Osterlund will approach the rest of the story later on, I will admit that this part was somewhat of a disappointment.


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